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A Sweet Treat From Germany: Lebkuchen Spice Cookies December 20, 2012

Lebkuchen 2

I’m proud to say that I’ve almost officially made it through my first holiday season as a personal chef and caterer at The Delish Dish! Wohoo! With all of my big events behind me, including The Delish Dish Homemade Holiday, it’s time to focus on what’s really important at this time of year, besides family, friends, and Christmas, of course:


As you may recall, we’re big into sweets in my household, and my husband just loves cookies, especially these Five-Spice Snickerdoodles I made just for him last night. While Doug loves crunchy cookies like these Hazelnut Crescents with Vanilla Bean Sugar, I love cookies with a combination of crunch and chew and spice and icing, so it’s no wonder these Lebkuchen cookies caught my eye as I was flipping through Food & Wine magazine this month.



A Sure Crowd Pleaser: Strawberry Dream Cake September 26, 2012

This ain’t no ordinary strawberry cake—no gelatin or food coloring here. This is the real deal: fresh and frozen strawberries combine to make an out-of-this-world cake with genuine, fork-licking strawberry flavor and an incredible strawberry cream cheese frosting.

This isn’t a cake you make for just anyone. This is a cake for celebrations. A cake for someone you truly love and want to show just how much you care. And this past weekend I made this cake with my very dear friend Lauren for our friend Tisha’s bridal shower. (more…)


Glazed Maple-Stout Quick Bread September 20, 2012

The past two weeks have been a blur—a wonderful blur of wedding preparation, enjoyment, and clean up, and a not-so-wonderful blur of post-wedding sickness brought on by too much partying and merrymaking.

What can I say? I’m a really good partier, especially when it comes to my little sister Paige’s wedding! Doesn’t she look beautiful? (more…)


Caramel-Frosted Brown Sugar Drops July 23, 2012

I wasn’t much of a cookie girl before I met my husband, but I’m starting to feel like a convert. Once every other week or so Doug requests cookies, which means I get to cuddle up with my cookie and baking books and hunt for a new recipe to try. While Doug could eat these snickerdoodles every day of the week, I like variety, so I purchased Nancy Baggett’s The All-American Cookie Book back at Christmastime. However, this book shouldn’t be relegated to just the holidays. There are cookie recipes for every occasion—as well as for every sugary craving imaginable.



Bourbon-Chocolate Banana Bread March 13, 2012

I must admit, I’ve had a total girl crush on Joy Wilson, the bubbly blogger behind Joy the Baker, for quite some time now. She’s truly an inspiration for food bloggers everywhere trying to make their name in this ever-more-crowded field, and I like to think that we’d become fast friends if we ever met. So when I saw Joy was finally come out with her own cookbook, I preordered it on Amazon so I could get it the day it came out. Yay!



A Mardi Gras Tradition: Cream Cheese-Filled King Cake February 20, 2012

It’s back to holiday-themed baked goods again this week, dear readers. What can I say? I love a good celebration, and every good celebration—especially one requiring 40 days of fasting afterwards—needs a colorful dessert.

I used to celebrate Mardi Gras like every other good college student or young adult—with shots and raucous parties—but now that I’m older, that seems like a bit much for a Tuesday night.

But king cake, a traditional Mardi Gras celebration cake made of soft, supple pastry dough and filled with a sweet cream cheese spread—now that sounds more like it. As soon as the Southern Living recipe hit my email inbox last week, I knew I had to try my hand at making it. (more…)


For Your Sweetheart: Citrus Pie with Chocolate-Pistachio Crust February 13, 2012

Forget about going out on Valentine’s Day. Who wants to sit elbow to elbow and eat a crummy prix fixe anyway? Not us. This year, we’re staying in, and I’m cooking, of course. Dessert, though, is already made, and you’re looking at it.

This Citrus Pie with Chocolate-Pistachio Crust (which I’ve already made twice this week) actually came about by accident. I was all set to make Key Lime Pie for my father-in-law, but I ran out of limes as I was making the filling. Rather than run to the store to buy more, I decided to juice the blood oranges and lemons I had picked up at the farmer’s market to finish the filling. The resulting pie was incredibly delicious—if not very beautiful in color—and what I thought might sit in my fridge for a week was gone in two nights.

With another family gathering coming up, I made the pie again, this time purposefully using a variety of citrus, including my beloved blood oranges, which made the color much more palatable. Look at that gorgeous color! (more…)


Naughty But Nice: Bourbon-Pecan Bread Pudding February 3, 2012

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself: to shoes and handbags, or a night on the town; to a new video game or tickets to see your fav sports teams; to something truly decadent, like truffles and caviar; or maybe, just maybe, to bourbon-pecan bread pudding.

You see, bread pudding is one of those desserts you save up for. Not save up in the monetary sense, because bread pudding is incredibly easy on the wallet, but save up in a more goal-oriented way, like when you’ve had a difficult month to work through or when you’ve finally achieved a longstanding goal.

For instance, in the past three weeks my husband Doug has had two surgeries—meaning not only do I have to do all of my usual work, but I also have to take care of Douglas, who isn’t particularly mobile, and try and keep the house clean by myself. Fun, fun, fun! But this woman has made it to the other side—through the worst of it, you might say—and it feels mighty good. Hella good. And this, my friends, is how I know I deserve a bread pudding, and a bourbon-pecan bread pudding at that. (more…)


Food for the Soul: Cinnamon-Pecan Coffee Cake January 9, 2012

It’s been a week since we took down our Christmas tree and put away our decorations, but I can’t help but miss the piney scent of the Douglas Fir in our living room and the warm twinkle of our old-time bulb lights winding up the staircase. I hate to admit it, but I’m having trouble getting into 2012. I’m at a new juncture in my life—I moved back home, got married, and am on the brink of staring my own personal chef business—but I can’t seem to get moving in any particular direction.

It’s driving me crazy.

I’m a woman on a mission. A man with a plan. A bull on the warpath. But not today. For some reason, I’m stuck in a rut. That’s not to say I’m worried. These things pass. And in a few days I know I’ll have a master plan cooked up, goals written down, and a path to trot on. But until then, I’m busy quietly reflecting on the future, and doing my damndest not to eat this entire Cinnamon-Pecan Coffee Cake in one sitting.

The first time I made this sour cream coffee cake, I made it for a family friend who had recently lost her mother. As it baked, the smell of spicy-sweet cinnamon perfumed the house, and I found myself drooling while I worked upstairs in my office. After it cooled I drizzled on the cinnamon-spiked vanilla glaze, and it took an insane amount of self-control not to hoard the cake for myself and eat it all right then and there. (more…)


Cookie Classics: Hazelnut Crescent Cookies with Vanilla-Bean Sugar December 19, 2011

I’ve been plowing through many a cookie recipe this past week to bring you only the best of the best, dear readers. I’ve made oatmeal-toffee cookies, white-chocolate, raspberry and walnut cookies, and—one of my new favorites—a classic South American sandwich cookie called an alfajore (recipe to come).

They all went pretty quickly, but these buttery bites seemed to really strike a cord with family and friends. They’re incredibly simple, but their flaky texture, buttery bite and hazelnut crunch make this cookie an all-time classic. And, of course, everyone loves stuff rolled in powdered sugar.

And this isn’t just any powdered sugar. It’s vanilla-bean powdered sugar, which gives the cookies not only a beautiful white color but a lovely vanilla aroma as well. If you’re feeling lazy, or you don’t happen to have vanilla beans lying around the house, you can just call my cousin Kelly who has 2 pounds of them skip the addition of the vanilla bean to the sugar altogether. (more…)



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